About ASD Care – Not For Profit Organisation

Linda Coombs
Founder of ASD Care

As a mother of an ASD child, I struggled to get practical help that made a difference to the quality of our lives.

My personal experience and ongoing search for every day affordable, positive assistance led me to build this business. What ASD families need is practical care that caters for their ASD child’s unique needs without judgement.

I struggled to work full time to provide for my family, my son churned through child care centres’ and primary schools, Sensory and Social issues were generally the source of his daily melt downs ,  it was not long before he was labelled “the naughty child”.

It was a chaotic and lonely time. I was his only advocate.

I was one of the 75% of families with an ASD child that did not make it through the storm and became a single full time working mother when my son was four and my daughter 4 months.

Asking for help from friends and families caused stress on my relationships.

After school care and vacation care were “no go” zones due to over stimulating environments, chaos, noise and social issues.

When speaking to other families with ASD children they all had similar experiences, most having to either leave work, reduce their hours, rely on family or home school, creating  financial strains,  alienation in the community and placing stress and pressure on relationships.

One amazing person did make a real difference in my life.

I truly do not know what would have become of us if it was not for Eileen. After exhausting all other care options I approached Eileen to provide before and after school care in my home for my children. Coming home at the end of my working day was such a pleasure and vastly different to all previous experiences. It was so nice to have kids bathed, fed and most importantly calm and ready for bed.

Little did she or I know what an important family member she would become.

Her background, skills and experience with ASD children gave her the capability to care for my children appropriately. She was nurturing, kind and understood the importance of the little things such as routine, diet and creating an atmosphere of calm!!  Her positive attitude, skills and experience  provided me with the respite I needed from all the intensity.

This inspirational lady is one of the reasons I started this business. We have many “Eileen’s “who are passionate and positive about helping families with ASD children, please click on the ” our team”  tab to meet some of our team.

We provide an In Home Care, Respite Services 24/7 , Tutoring, Mentoring, workshops and seminars that genuinely helps families who need quality time to strengthen their family unit, allowing them to step back and see the unique and amazing qualities of their ASD child. ASD children (like all children) need the opportunity to shine in their own light and grow into positive adults who will make a difference in this world because of their extraordinary qualities and talents.

We provide a service that genuinely caters specifically to the needs of ASD children to support families and empower ASD children with self esteem, confidence and coping skills. These families are also really deserving of a holiday – something they find difficult to do. Placing their ASD child outside of their usual routine can cause extreme emotional reactions.

We encourage interstate and overseas visitors to the Sunshine Coast to also use our services.  Every family with an ASD child deserves a  holiday on the Sunshine Coast to spend valuable time together to reconnect, rejuvenate and relax.

ASD Care would love to make a positive difference in your world too.

For all enquiries, please click on the Contact Us tab, call Linda on 0437 433 369 or email linda@asdcare.com.au.